“Hipster Kits” by Alizée Lafon

French illustrator and filmmaker Alizée Lafon combines her passion for movies and design in her latest “Hipster Kits” series. Using a retro and minimalist approach, Lafon drags elements from some of the most famous cult flicks like The Big Lebowski, Moonrise Kingdom, Drive and 007, among others, each illustrated against an appropriate color background to capture the film’s feel. 1e700ad798d329406a12441460ec058a-792x1024 5-796x1024 6-796x1024 8c4bb2db3fb95c49f565aae284f77dfa-796x1024 7-796x1024 6d33aeb11d940fc8913d2d2e5f1462e7-792x1024 12-796x1024 a958f026c9ab659c728cb84e320f7b18-792x1024 f3d6d1184694158414b6979182bfadbf-792x1024 923a2c0f439b1b4c617d79ed9416b3d7-792x1024-1 44-796x1024 31-796x1024

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