Aaron Ruell: Beyond The Real

The most fascinating part of modern photography is building a set; a make-belief world that makes the viewer think beyond the image and delve deep into the character’s life. This is what enticed me to Aaron Ruell’s work. To the LA-based photographer, it all starts with a face that he usually encounters on the streets. Then he goes on to creating a mise en scene, where he usually incorporates props and vintage wallpaper that blends well with the character’s attire. Perhaps it is his directorial vision – Aaron is behind 2004’s cult film Napoleon Dynamite – that makes his photographs revolve around a cast and the environment they inhabit.

http://www.aruell.comTeaPartyA 1176_FINAL 2029_FINAL sabarese-ted_hasbro2 ConfettiBoyCabin1aaron_ruell-5aaron_ruell_4aaron_ruell_2aaron_011082031980

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