HEX Ties: The Power of Gravity

If you have been sitting on the front row of the recent runway shows and couldn’t help but be blinded by the reflection of that dapper man’s tie in front of you, then you must know this: HEX ties are everything right now! These shiny statement pieces are made of reflective polymers, joined together by God-knows-what (okay, a stretch fabric, but still…). Available in different patterns and colors: black, silver chrome and Emirates Gold – the latter comes with a hefty price of $898, at the risk (or joy) of looking like one of the members of Daft Punk.

http://www.hextie.comhex+neck HEX+TIE+LINES IMG_0353 Screen+Shot+2015-02-26+at+6.04.33+PM Screen+Shot+2015-02-27+at+4.58.40+PM Screen+Shot+2015-02-27+at+5.07.30+PM

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